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The Bolton Brothers formerly, the "Gospel Soul Singers" began in 1965, and consisted of The Bolton Brothers and their cousins, the Moodys and Hartfields. In 1976, The Boltons decided to form a group called "The Bolton Brothers", which consisted of all brothers: Earl, L. W., James, Byrone, Jerry, Paul and Ray. They are from a family of 20 children including 12 girls and 8 boys. They are a very close and talented family which has been blessed with great talents. All of the brothers were called to the ministry by The Lord. They have performed in all of the United States, reaching thousands of people, leading them to Christ through their song and ministry.

The Bolton Brothers recorded their first album "Live in Mobile" on the Blackberry Records label in Mobile, AL on March 23, 1996. The second album, also recorded live in Mobile in April 1998, is entitled "Live in Mobile 2". They continue to perform with various groups and in various venues and churches around the country.

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